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Prey is a shooter game developed by Arkane Austin, and later it was published by Bethesda Softworks. This is a thriller game with a unique setting. It is a story of the player who is a subject of an experiment that will change human nature for a long time. However, before the experiment is done on the character, the place is invaded by aliens and monsters, and the player has to fight back to survive. You have to be cautious yet explorative and learn how to solve different puzzles in the game. The game allows the player to go anywhere and return to former locations with ease. If you backtrack, you are more likely to uncover more secrets, pick up more resources, and unlock the quest.

Key features of the game

In his mission to flee from the station, the player gains access to most of the station’s rooms and gets supernatural abilities. This allows the game to have a role-playing part.


The game uses weapons that are uniquely designed. While playing Prey, you should fully equip yourself with several weapons, such as the wrench (a primary melee weapon), the first weapon you will get at the beginning of the game. It is left on Patricia’s body outside Morgan’s apartment, and its use in conserving ammo. Its quality can be improved using Neuromods); In the Neuromod Division, you will come across The Gloo Cannon, a lethal weapon that will help you freeze your enemies before you attack them; other weapons you will come across include:


The Disruptor Stun, Huntress Boltcaster, a shotgun, a silencer pistol, Q-Beam, EMP Charge, null wave transmitter, the typhoon lure, grenades, and recycler charge


The first thing you should know is the whereabouts of the recycler so that you can recycle unnecessary items and get raw materials instead. You can get four types of raw materials: Synthetic, exotic, mineral, and organic. If you explore every place on the map thoroughly, you will more likely get helpful items to prepare you for any situation along the way.


Do not face The Nightmare. If this typhoon shows up, the best call for action is to hide by staying at the highest levels. The same case applies to you if you find yourself face to face with Mimic, retreat and look for a more lethal weapon to use.

If you come across weapons such as grenades or the recycler charger, do not hesitate to pick them up. This will be useful for you once you face brutal aliens. Recycler charges take out enemies in a few shots, and typhoon lures cause distractions. Turrets can detect monsters’ materials even when hiding, disguised, or invisible. Details about each weapon are given every time you collect a new one. This makes it easy for you to be fully aware of how to use them.

In this game, your health should be your priority. You cannot survive if you are not fit. You can do this by drinking from the tap and taking food. If you have been attacked, you can also heal yourself using a medical kit.