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Asthma Review: How To Get The Best Of Your Review Session In 2023

asthma ventolin inhaler

Today, more than 5.4 million people suffer from asthma in the United Kingdom. In England and Scotland, this long-term lung disease rose by 60%

in 2019 due to a lack of basic asthma care. To take proper care of your asthma symptoms today, two of the few things you need not joke with are your medications, such as an asthma ventolin inhaler, and your asthma review.


Read on to better understand how to get the beat of your asthma review in 2023.

What exactly is an asthma review?

asthma ventolin inhaler
asthma ventolin inhaler

Since asthma is a long-term lung disease, you need to visit your GP or asthma nurse from time to time to better understand your condition. An asthma review is a routine check-up with your doctor, which enables you to understand how your Ventolin inhaler and preventer inhaler are working.


This routine checkup will provide you with an opportunity to discuss with your GP or asthma nurse regarding your condition and better ways of managing your asthma symptoms. During this session, your doctor may also assess the condition of your lungs through spirometer tests or peak flow.


Furthermore, during this routine checkup, your GP may advise you on the proper techniques for using your preventer inhaler and blue inhaler asthma medication.


Irrespective of how you currently feel, an asthma review is important and shouldn’t be joked with. In the case where you hardly experience your symptoms, your doctor may help you reduce your medication.

Why should you take your asthma review seriously?

There are tons of reasons why it makes sense to avoid missing your asthma reviews every year.


  • According to experts, the best way to keep your asthma symptoms at bay is by using the right asthma medications, such as an inhaler blue asthma Ventolin, and avoiding certain triggers. You need your GP or asthma nurse, and an asthma action plan to regularly remind you of your triggers and what to do to manage your symptoms. This is one reason why an asthma review is important for you.


  • When going for your asthma review, you most certainly need to go with your asthma action plan. As the doctor advises you on things to do, you can always update your action plan, accordingly. That said, asthma reviews are important to keep your action plan up to date.

How to get the best out of your asthma review

asthma ventolin inhaler
asthma ventolin inhaler

For you to get the best out of your asthma review, you need to put the following factors into consideration:

1.   Be ready to ask questions

An asthma review is one of your best opportunities to ask questions regarding your asthma symptoms and asthma medications, such as a Ventolin inhaler. To avoid forgetting what to ask, it’s important to write down all your questions before attending this year’s session.

2.   Note down your asthma symptoms (how & when you get them)

This factor is very important to help your GP better understand your condition. With the right information, your doctor can help you spot other triggers you need to avoid. It also helps your GP to better understand whether or not your Ventolin inhaler UK is working perfectly or if you need a new type.

3.   Make short clicks showing your symptoms

A short clip of how your symptoms affect you will certainly help your GP or asthma nurse better understand your condition. This will even save you the time of trying to explain the symptoms.

4.   Go with your inhaler and spacer

Going out with your inhaler and spacer is very important. When going for your asthma review, it’s also important you go with your Ventolin inhaler and spacer. Your GP needs to check your technique and be sure you’re using your medication correctly.

5.   Your action plan is important

As earlier mentioned, you need to go with your action plan when visiting your GP or asthma nurse.


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