Causes And Symptoms Of Indigestion

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There are a few different causes of indigestion, and each person experiences it differently. However, the most common symptoms include bloating, gas, constipation, and diarrhea. To treat indigestion effectively, you must identify and correct the cause. The most common causes of indigestion are eating too much food or drinking alcohol excessively.  Symptoms of indigestion can vary a lot from person to person, but they usually involve discomfort in the chest, abdominal pain, bloating, and nausea. The most common ones are eating too much food at once or eating foods that don’t agree with your digestive system. Other common causes include drinking alcohol and smoking.

How To Cure Or Alleviate Indigestion?

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There are a number of ways to cure or alleviate indigestion, depending on the cause. Here are some of the most popular remedies for indigestion relief:

  • Drink plenty of fluids: A good way to relieve indigestion is to drink plenty of fluids. This will help flush out your system and help you feel better overall. You can either drink water or juice, but make sure to include some fruit as well for added vitamins and minerals.


  • Eat light, healthy food: Another important remedy for indigestion is to eat light, healthy food that will help stimulate your digestive system. This means avoiding foods that are high in fat and refined carbohydrates. Instead, opt for fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.


  • Take ibuprofen: If you experience chronic indigestion, taking ibuprofen may be a good solution. Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory medication that helps relieve pain and inflammation in the stomach and intestines. It can also reduce the symptoms of diarrhea and constipation.


Which Over-The-Counter Remedies Are Available For Treating Indigestion?

There are a variety of over-the-counter remedies that are available for treating indigestion, but some of the most popular include:

  • Antacids: These contain aluminum, magnesium, or zinc and are taken to neutralize the stomach’s acidity. They work by relieving the symptoms of nausea and vomiting.


  • Pepto Bismol is an over-the-counter medication commonly used to treat heartburn and indigestion. It contains bismuth subsalicylate and is taken as a tablet or liquid. It works by reducing the production of acids in the stomach.


  • Expedition: This is a herbal remedy that is often used to relieve mild cases of indigestion. It contains ginger, turmeric, fennel, licorice, and peppermint extract and is usually taken as a tea or a supplement pill. These ingredients work together to reduce inflammation in the gut and soothe the stomach lining.



Indigestion is a common problem that can be caused by many factors, including diet and lifestyle choices. There are several over-the-counter remedies available to help ease symptoms and relieve pain. There are various indigestion remedies, depending on the cause. If you experience chronic indigestion, please visit your doctor for further evaluation and treatment.