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NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23


If you play basketball, then NBA 2K23 is your best game. Basketball is a popular game because it is easily accessible, the types of equipment required are affordable (One only needs a ball and a hoop), and it is easy to learn as its regulations are easy to understand. The game also teaches the importance of teamwork, as the players must work together to win. It also enhances the players’ social skills.


In NBA 2k23, the first important thing to acquire is the badges. These will help you cut across the loop with a lot of ease and assist you in trying out different moves and dribblings simultaneously. You will also control the duck’s attempts and the type of layup. You can get TER1, TER2, or TER3 badges; the latter is more important.


Shooting Badges that help in making jump shots and other shooting techniques are

Comeback kid, clutch shooter, guard up, claymore middy magician, corner specialist, volume shooter, and slippery off-ball in Tier 1 Category; Also get Catch & shoot, space creator, amped, and green machine in Tier 2; blinders in Tier 3.


Defense Badges are:

Chase down artist, box-out beast, off-ball pest, pogo stick, rebound chaser, work hose, and post lockdown.


Finishing badges include:

Back-down punisher, giant slayer, aerial wizard, drop-steeper, dream shake, and acrobat in Tier 1; fearless finisher, fast twitch, and pro touch in Tier 2; slithery, limitless, and take-off in Tier 3.


Playmaking badges include:

Vice grip, ankle breaker, post playmaker, and break starter in Tier 1;  un pluckable , bail out hyperdrive, and quick fast step in Tier 2; killer combos, clamp breaker, mismatch expert, and handles for days in Tier 3.


An adrenaline boost boosts the players’ energy, making up for their speed, and occasional intense moves are made as you sprint across the playground; you can only speed boost three times in each session. There are expanded badges, takeover attribute boosts, and enhanced defense tactics that include blocks, steals, and deflections.

Master the dribbling moves. As soon as you sprint out, it takes one of your adrenaline boosts. If you exhaust all 3, you will only manage to dribble at a slower pace throughout the game.

Adjust the game levels to suit the level you can play comfortably. 


Get to the G Training Facility gallery and do exercises to warm you up. This will help you get the three stars in the following category: skill boost and turbo boost.

In the setting, ensure to choose the following: dribble style- you can either have James Hardon or Michael Jordan, your signature size-these are Ups that will increase your dribbling speed, Size-Up Escape Packages, Moving crossover, Moving behind the backs, Moving spins, Moving hesitations, Moving step backs.