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The Sniper Elite is a shooter game that was developed and published by Rebellion Developments.

If you have played Sniper Elite 4, you would not want to miss Sniper Elite 5 as it has more modified equipment and uses high technology. It has become one of the best and most thrilling games to have ever been released. This is because the design level is elaborate; system customization for its weapons (for example, if you are using the sniper rifle, the x-ray cam system will be activated, are excellent; the camera will show you the bullet from the riffle to the target and bring out the picture of either broken bones or the ruptured parts of the target’s body), flexible sandboxes, clear visual designs, and the ‘spy academy’ mission which gives it a thriller notch. The game is also a clear representation of the Second World War, making it more entertaining.

The players assume the role of assassin Sniper, known as Karl Fairburne, and plan to invade their opponents’ territory (Axis), where they have to play hide and seek as they aim and kill their targets. For a player to have the best sandbox experience, you will need to plan and have a strategy on how to take out your enemies as you explore the locations on the map. There are various mechanisms to use to take out your enemy. Take your time to figure out what to do and discover other escape routes in case you find yourself under attack.


For you to emerge as the winner, you should not forget to save your progression manually. Although you can do this with the help of auto-save features, do it manually to be on the safer side. If you want to spot your targets from a distance, then using binoculars will help as they have the best zoom features. You will be able to spot the enemy even in the darkest spots. Highlighting your enemies also enables you to get additional information about them.

With the high-level technology employed in developing this game, the players can make assassinations that look like mere accidents and get away with it. Do not hesitate to grab such opportunities.


Use a tactical and stealthy approach to fighting your enemies. This is by using sub-sonic ammunition as it fires out bullets with less sound, and the enemy cannot hear unless he is at close range. Also, use silencers. Another mechanism to employ to distract your enemy is to use loud noise.

Use Intel to reveal various vantage points in Sniper Elite 5. The vantage points enable you to cover a wide area on a map and give you adequate time to plan your mission and tag your enemies. They also act as hideouts to avoid being seen by your enemies.

Sometimes you can be caught off-guard if the enemy soldiers invade your location. If this happens, find a quiet spot and lie low. Also, take all the NPC bodies out of sight to avoid alarming the soldiers and intensify the search.