Why Should You Use Your Inhaler Correctly?

Today, one effective asthma treatment involves using a suitable doctor-prescribed inhaler, such as Ventolin Inhaler. To get the best out of your inhaler, you need to use it correctly. Irrespective of the purpose of the inhaler (preventer or reliever), a correctly-used inhaler will make it easy for you to breathe the asthma medication into your lungs. The medication will deliver the desired results and help you control your asthma symptoms only if it reaches the lung.


Today, improper inhaler technique is one of the reasons why many patients fail to control their asthma. To check whether or not your inhaler technique is right, you need to consult your healthcare provider or pharmacist. Your asthma nurse or doctor can even suggest a different model if you’re currently having issues using your inhaler. This is especially true if you currently use a metered-dose inhaler. For ease of use, your physician can always suggest that you start using a dry powder inhaler.


Patients with weak hand strength often rely on tools to push their inhaler canister. While tools are no longer in use, a visit to your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist will help get better tool alternatives to assist your weak hand strength.

Read on to discover all you should know about how to use an inhaler the right way.

Here’s how to use an inhaler correctly

  1.   After removing the cap, always shake your metered dose inhaler (MDI) very well before use.
  2.   Before using your MDI, you need to breathe fully out.
  3.   Next, insert the inhaler mouthpiece between your teeth, sealing your lips firmly around it.
  4.   Now, start inhaling slowly and as you do that, press down on the inhaler canister.
  5.   Inhaling fully can take you up to 5 seconds. Keep this in mind as you continue having deep and steady breaths.
  6.   Now, hold your breath for roughly 10 seconds so that the asthma medicine can enter the airways of your lung.
  7.   Now, you need to consider your doctor’s puff prescription. After that, repeat the above procedure for the number of puffs prescribed by your healthcare provider. For the best results, take a minute break between each puff.
  8.   After the last puff, return the MDI cap and that’s all about using your inhaler correctly.

Reasons to use your inhaler correctly

Today, there are tons of reasons why you should follow your asthma treatment prescriptions and use your inhaler correctly.


  •     First, a properly used inhaler will prevent any potential asthma attack.
  •     It’ll also help you control and manage your asthma symptoms more effectively.
  •     When you use your inhaler correctly, you’ll be able to sleep well at night. In. In addition, this move will make it easy for you to engage in different family activities.
  •     Furthermore, a good inhaler use technique can save you from taking larger amounts of asthma medications.

Tips on how to clean and maintain your inhaler

Using your inhaler correctly alone is not enough. For you to get the best out of your asthma inhaler, you need to maintain and clean it regularly. This move will help you prevent accidental inhalation of dust through the mouthpiece.


  •     Pay attention to how you store your inhaler. According to healthcare specialists, the best way is by storing your asthma inhaler in a dry & cool place. Avoid storing your inhaler in a wet bathroom cabinet. Also, avoid putting the inhaler on a hot windowsill.
  •     Always watch out for your asthma inhaler’s expiration date. Once it’s no longer safe for use, the best way to dispose of your used or expired inhaler is to visit your local pharmacy or check online.